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I wrote a poem today (and made a cake)…

Let her eat cake
A poem for Kala Joy

I stand at the sink washing dishes
No matter what else has happened
So must the dishes

In this case
The dishes are a sidenote of joy
Against a backdrop of melancholy

The news filtered in this afternoon
Social media lit up with remembrances
With photos and woe

A dear sister had passed
After dancing with death for years
(in the form of cancer)
Death finally dipped her too far

But before that…long before that
She had looked it right in the eye
She had not wanted to wage chemical warfare
Within her own body
So she tried to make her body an inhospitable place
By waging war on her own demons
Making peace with her anger
Removing her fear
So there was nothing dark for it to cling to

She journeyed to the dark places within
And came back with poetry

She reflected on her words as her children
When in life her womb bore none
She let them take her womb
To slow the sickness
And still she birthed more words
More creative and inspired than before

Her struggle to keep food down
Led to poems of past food remembered
And in one poem she prays…
“to the sky, the moon, the stars,
oh surely the stars will hear her wish
And grant it as the crickets dressed in powdered wigs
And french corsets laced tight sing her refrain.
Let her eat cake.
Let her eat cake.
Let her eat

I had long since left social media
And had been sitting with my memories and her poetry
When I read this stanza

So I made cake to honor her memory
and her lust for life

And it made dirty dishes
But they are a sidenote of joy
For there will be cake
And I will eat it for her.


© Amanda Giles
Feb 26, 2015

Kala Joy aka Ix’chel Jaguar aka Michelle Neve passed way peacefully in her sleep and dreams on Feb 25, 2015.

You can view a memorial video I made or hear her reading her own poetry in August 2013.


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