I’m going to magic the SHIT out of this

I'm going to magic the SHIT out of this
Yes, you heard me right
I'm going to magic the SHIT out of this
and by SHIT, I mean:
I am not an imposing Dom
who can tirelessly ambidextrously flog
the ever loving SHIT out of you
I am the gentle whispering Dom
I will make it safe for you to share
     your journey, your fears, your need
I will take you in, listening, watching, studying
I will offer a way, a path, an antidote
     that will challenge you
     in the ways you long to be challenged,
     to be seen,
     to grow
I will proffer a prescription
I will lovingly stroke your hair, your cheek,
     or that soft spot behind your ear lobe
     as I whisper an idea, a vision
     into your trembling ears, and heart
I warn you
I may slip in past your defenses
     past your mind
     into the hole that is waiting to be filled
And though you may not believe me now
I will tell you
that there is a good chance you will like it
You may find yourself leaning into me despite yourself
     scared, but curious
I will wrap you in an embrace of love
     & safety
     & caring
You will not know what hit you
Because I already magiced the SHIT out of you
I teased out a piece of yourself
and held up the mirror
I helped you do the work you came to do
and you didn't even see it coming


© Amanda Giles 2016

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