Road Trip Day 2: The Road Goes Ever On

Road Trip Day 2 was a long long day of driving (560 miles!), and perhaps a lesson in backups. We drove from southern New Jersey into Delaware into Maryland, around Washington DC, then through Virginia into North Carolina and all the way through to the southern coast. For the first time ever, I did not bring paper maps with us. This was not a problem until the cell signal cut out for most of North Carolina. Luckily I had a recollection of the roads we needed to take and it came back after an hour and a half or so. Buying a paper map for tomorrow is in order.

Our day started at the lovely Silver Coin Diner which had amazing shiny chrome. I took some cool photos there. Most of the other photos I took today were from a moving car and only so so quality. There was no time to stop on the road though! We had so many miles we had to just keep going. We got an early start, but had breakfast and by the time we hit the road it was 9:30.  Then we took a route to avoid the section of 95 south of Washington DC, but unfortunately that resulted in us headed for the only bridge over the Potomac River for miles. And then there ended up being an accident on that bridge that closed down both sides for miles. Luckily we were not too far from the bridge when it hit, so it didn’t delay us as much as it could have. So 12 1/2 hours later we reached our destination. My husband John was amazing and did all the driving while I worked on my laptop as much as I could. My mobile office setup worked really well. My husband is an angel, especially since I was not the best navigator being distracted by my work. But, if I couldn’t work in the car, I would be needing to do it when we got to other places. So…a necessary evil.

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