Social Responsibility vs Social Irresponsibility

It has felt for some time like there is a great tension in the world between the forces of social responsibility vs. social irresponsibility. Is the socially responsibility environmental movement actually gaining traction against the wheels of corporate machines and governmental lackadaisicalness combined with population growth? Or, is there an exponential growth on the irresponsibility side which will continue to outstrip the gains made by hardworking environmentalists and other political activists.

And I wonder – where do I plug into all this? For some time I have been largely unplugged from the day to day news. Being an NPR junkie for years, I felt a need to withdraw and work on my own personal work and growth for the past couple of years. What I found was a sense of peace from not listening to the news and yet I don’t think sticking my head in the sand is helpful or responsible. But I struggle with how to find a balance. How do I engage in the world and try to further causes I believe in without getting bogged down and overwhelmed by how difficult and slow it is? I give money to causes I believe in – political, social, and economic – when I have the funds. And while I know the money is helpful, I also know that more needs to be done.

What do you do in this world for activism or to show your concern? How do you balance that with all your own household and family commitments?

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