My misspent youth – a trip down memory lane…

Wow…while looking for something else entirely, I came across some journals from 1995-1997. Boy, I was a busy girl with a *lot* of boys and drama in of my life. Sometimes I still miss it, but I also found a beautiful scared entry I wrote about meeting my husband. I wrote the entry sometime in the first week and a half of meeting him and clearly understood it could be everything I was looking for.

I also came across poetry – lots of random scribbled poetry written in a single pass over a cup of coffee at the Elvis Room. I haven’t read them all, but here are a couple juicy dramatic ones. They are not amazing or perfect, but I like them for what they evoke of the passion of that time of my life for me. My journals then are a tangle of intertwined lovers and passions won or lost or double-crossed. I was 21 and full of raging hormones when I wrote these. Thought I would share…



Dangerous as always

Relations with others

Twisted trios of passion

and hate for one another


You can’t close your eyes

You couldn’t if you tried

You can’t afford to lose

the edge of surprise


She clings to his side

I slide down his thigh

His eyes open wide

the shame deep inside


She needs him so bad

I just drive him mad

My lingering gaze

cuts quick through his haze


I know to step back

I know to let go

My affection for him

I fear will always show


A remark from his lips

a satirical twist

The wryness of it

is too much to resist


I lock on his soul

I don’t want to let go

I try to pull back

and make him let go





A cool stare

from across the room

gazes locked

a moment shared


A stranger steps in

and breaks the embrace

He orders his coffee

and cases the place


Then suddenly he goes

he’s off on the road

Their eyes meet again

they start to lose control


It was simple at first

a quick little flirt

but then it began

to make more demands


A secret was shared

Two souls were then bared

An inquisitive 3rd eye

might just lose his mind


For then they were locked

into something so tight

to pull away now

would take all of their might


A warm gentle stream

had flowed in between

but now its high tides

threatened both of their lives


It had grown in their eyes

and had doubled in size

anticipation now gripped

the insides of their thighs


At once they arose

as if they’d been told

the meaning of this

was eternal bliss


Their bodies were joined

and held tight ’til morn

the bard long since gone

and still they danced on…

but the music lived on.


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