I’m trying to relaunch this site after a several year hiatus. Bear with me as I move some content over from other sources and get settled here. It’s been far too long since this web developer actually had a functioning web site.

The Day

This is a poem I wrote the night of Sept 11 when I could not yet sleep. I think I may have lost it on an old computer and had been looking for it recently, but an old friend spontaneously posted it to my Facebook wall this morning. Another loving reminder of how I am […]

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My misspent youth – a trip down memory lane…

Wow…while looking for something else entirely, I came across some journals from 1995-1997. Boy, I was a busy girl with a *lot* of boys and drama in of my life. Sometimes I still miss it, but I also found a beautiful scared entry I wrote about meeting my husband. I wrote the entry sometime in […]

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Social Responsibility vs Social Irresponsibility

It has felt for some time like there is a great tension in the world between the forces of social responsibility vs. social irresponsibility. Is the socially responsibility environmental movement actually gaining traction against the wheels of corporate machines and governmental lackadaisicalness combined with population growth? Or, is there an exponential growth on the irresponsibility […]

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